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  • Leslie Says:


  • joni aarden Says:

    thanks so much for sharing this. I wept!!

  • Elena Says:

    It is beautiful and really makes you cry! wonderful moments….

  • Brenda Korbecki Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I am a Certified birth doula and prenatal massage therapist and even though i am actively involved this still brings tears to my eyes. Along with all the reasons mentioned for an unmedicated birth, lets not forget to educate about mother baby attachment benefits also. Again, thank you for posting this beautiful birth!

  • Cayla Collier Says:

    This is beautiful! I cried! When I get married and start having babies I want it to be like this!

  • Daphne Says:

    Wow. So very beautiful, music and all. I for one cannot imagine giving birth any other way…

  • Laura Alvarez Says:

    Thank you for posting this on your blog! I am the photographer and creator of this video, and it is such a blessing to share with the world while getting all sorts of wonderful feedback! :-) I’ve enjoyed the experience more than words can describe, and am now photographing births as my full time career. Weddings and portraits are a thing of the past! ;-)

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