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    f I had my way, I’d be working as a midwife right now. The problem is that I only realized by passion and fascination for midwifery a few years ago, when I went through my own pregnancies. I am now 36 (37 later this year), I have 2 young children and I live in a country where midwives are fairly uncommon. Had I still been living in the UK, I’d had undoubtedly started the schooling by now and would hopefully be well on my way to caring for mothers and babies.

    My son was born in England, where women are delivered by midwives. Just over two years ago, my daughter was born in Canada. Right here in Cornwall, in fact. In Canada, it is very rare for a woman to use a midwife over an OB/GYN. When deciding who to seek out for my prenatal care, I had no hesitation in contacting a midwife, having experienced midwife care for my first pregnancy. Lucky for me, midwife care is covered by our provincial health coverage here in Ontario.


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