• 15Feb

    Stanislawa was arrested in Lodz on February 18, 1943, with her daughter and two sons. The sons were sent to the labor camp at Mathausen and Gusen to work in the stone quarries. She and her daughter, Sylvia, were sent to Auschwitz where they arrived on April 17, 1943. They were given the numbers 41335 and 41336, tattooed on their forearms. They would remain as mementos of the camp.

    They were deprived of all possessions, stripped, shaven, and given camp clothing – striped overalls and some underwear. Sylvia recalls that she received two left-foot slip. All of the clothing was infested with lice. Stanislawa spent two years in the women’s facility at Auschwitz, working as a midwife in three different blocks. The “sick-ward” in all of these was the same: 40-meter long bare wooden barracks heated by single brick stove.


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