The Birth Haven at LifeSpring Midwifery is the first birth center in Gilbert, Arizona.  We offer traditional midwifery care, water birth, and well-woman care. 

Our birth center’s model of care includes:

*Individualized care by trained midwives, experienced in out of hospital birth

*Counseling and education to promote client choice through informed consent

*Hour long/individualized appointments allowing us to build trusting relationships so we can best meet your needs

*Appointments with our in house Naturopathic Physician (no additional fee)

*A warm, homelike setting for appointments and birth

*The feeling of a home birth minutes away from Mercy Gilbert Medical Center

*Both natural and pharmaceutical treatment options available

*A low transfer (13% in 2015) and c-section rate (5% in 2015)

Our Mission & Philosophy

Our mission is to provide quality, traditional midwifery care to women and infants, a place for building community for families, education on healthy living, and serve as a training facility for other midwives to be educated and create more opportunities for these same things to be made available in their communities.

Our philosophy is that women are capable and strong; that their bodies are capable and strong; that pregnancy and birth is a well-tuned process; that we are the end result of countless generations of successful births and we have inherited this as our birthright from our foremothers; that pregnancy, birth, and postpartum is a closed system and introducing interference in this system introduces risk; that midwives work first and foremost for the woman and her baby; that a high touch, low tech approach is usually the safest for the woman and her baby; and that a woman can be given all the benefits and risks and accept what is best for herself and her family.

The Birth Haven Birth Center

3303 S. Lindsay Road, Suite 125
Gilbert, Arizona 85297
Phone: 480-664-7463
Fax: 480-664-7467

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